Can a successful business be all remote? Even the CEO?

Many employees were forced to adopt the freelance lifestyle when COVID hit. Though a bit of a shock at first, many were happy to have some extra time at home with family and the convenience of their snack cupboards just a room away. For ...

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Europreneur Podcast Ep. 8: Zohar Shmueli on truly caring and learning through tough love

EO Israel President Zohar Shmueli didn’t become an entrepreneur to get rich. But if she’s not focused on making money, how does her business thrive and grow?

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Europreneur Podcast EP 7 - Kishore Mordani on conducting business across cultures

Ideally, business and geopolitics occupy different spheres of life with only the occasional bridge between the two in the form of trade regulations. Things change, however, when you move thousands of miles away to start a business in a new ...

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Taking over the family business: Head start or hinderance?

Starting a business from scratch is no easy task, especially the first time you do it. There inevitably comes a point when you wish the path could have been easier, that you had had some foundation to build upon and that ...

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Europreneur Ep 6 - Brian Keegan on mentorship and turning failure into an exit

When is the best time to make your exit? What’s the number one thing buyers are looking for to convince them that your company has value to offer? And how can you manage a normal work/life balance during an exit or any other ...

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Entrepreneurs join forces to combat humanitarian crisis from war in Ukraine

The largest refugee shelter in Poland.
Entrepreneurs from around the world are coming to the aid of the Ukrainian humanitarian crisis and are helping rebuild the Ukrainian business environment.
London, UK – May 03, 2022 – Members of ...

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To the Land of the Rising Sun: How One Intuitive Decision Changed My Life

Can you think of an intuitive decision you made that affected your life? Sometimes these small decisions can be life changing.
I would like to tell you about a small, spontaneous decision I made 30 years ago that led me on the journey ...

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From one misfit to another: The only 4 entrepreneurship lessons you need to succeed

I can’t count the number of times someone has asked me, “Where did you get the courage to start a company?”
It’s a question born out of respect for what I have achieved and the inquirer’s desire to enjoy that kind of success ...

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EO London Chapter President wins WEF innovation prize

Amazonia Impact Ventures, led by CEO and EO London Chapter President Pajani Singah has been selected as top innovation winner of the World Economic Forum Tropical Forest Commodities Challenge thanks to its work investing private capital ...

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EO Israel member scores $75 million in fundraising for company Overwolf

Uri Marchand – Overwolf CEO and Co-Founder

Uri Marchand, EO Israel member and CEO and Co-Founder at Overwolf has announced a $75 million Series D fundraising round for his company, which now boasts a monthly user base of over ...

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3 lessons from an entrepreneur and metalhead who climbed Mt. Everest

Smooth, relaxed sailing can be pleasant for a while, but one thing I’ve learned for certain in my career is that entrepreneurs grow by challenging themselves.
It was back in August, 2016 when I realized I needed to take a break ...

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Slow down and rise up - or how to turn difficult times into an opportunity

It was supposed to be a day like any other. I woke up feeling fresh, took a shower, got dressed, looked at my never-ending to-do list and got ready to jump back into the rush of the day. I put on a pair of high-heeled sandals that ...

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Europreneur Podcast Ep 5: Stephen Shortt on running a family business

Want to hand down your business to your children? It’s not a bad idea, and may give your kids a significant head start in their own careers

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Europreneur Podcast Ep 4: Max Khindria on managing digital nomads

How do you run a business that only employs freelancers located in different corners of the world? How do you get their buy in, stay organized, and maintain growth? Well, it helps if you have some experience as a digital nomad yourself.

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Europreneur Podcast Ep 3 - Anastasis Lozos and his 4th generation business

Few business can claim to have existed for more than a couple of generations. How can a company survive the increasing pressure of time?

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4 Essential Insights for the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

When we asked EO members what lessons they wish they had known at the start of their careers, EO Arizona member and CEO of The James Agency Veronique James shared the following four insights.

1. A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skillful ...

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