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Area: Area 1
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EO Ireland is a network of entrepreneurial peers where the focus is on learning from each other and growing ourselves as leaders and our businesses as a result. If you own/operate a business turning over €1m in Ireland and are looking to connect with like minded entrepreneurs who understand what you're going through as a business leader, we would love to hear from you. Entrepreneurship can be a lonely place, we might just be your community - locally and internationally!

Stephen Shortt
Siobhán Donnelly

Chapter Stories

Taking over the family business: Head start or hinderance?

Starting a business from scratch is no easy task, especially the first time you do it. There inevitably comes a point when you wish the path could have been easier, that you had had some foundation to build upon and that everything wasn't entirely up to you. What if your parents had been able to hand down a business to you? Not only would you have the infrastructure of an existing company to work with, but you would have their years of experience and accrued wisdom to guide you. Plus, you would have the motivation of carrying on your parents' legacy to push you forward when you feel like you're struggling... right? EO ...

Europreneur Ep 6 - Brian Keegan on mentorship and turning failure into an exit

[embed][/embed] Come learn from some of the best entrepreneurs in Europe on our YOUTUBE channel When is the best time to make your exit? What's the number one thing buyers are looking for to convince them that your company has value to offer? And how can you manage a normal work/life balance during an exit or any other stressful time at work? As EO Ireland Founder Brian Keegan knows, the answers to these questions depend heavily on the people around you. Entrepreneurship is full of high highs and low lows. Hard learned lessons translate into success, only for you to be ...

Europreneur Podcast Ep 5: Stephen Shortt on running a family business

[embed][/embed] Come learn from some of the best entrepreneurs in Europe on our YOUTUBE channel Want to hand down your business to your children? It's not a bad idea, and may give your kids a significant head start in their own careers. But if you're hoping that they will proudly carry on your own legacy as an entrepreneur, you might be doing it for the wrong reasons. According to EO Ireland President Stephen Shortt, the children of entrepreneurs should have the opportunity to be entrepreneurial in their own right, and 2nd generation businesses should adapt to their new ...

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