Date Founded: 13/05/2013
Area: Area 3

EO Israel is made up of serial entrepreneurs, some of whom have had multiple exits valued at tens of millions of dollars. Members share professional knowledge, concerns and confide in each other. Each adds their talents and connections to the community, and together, they energize each others’ ventures and keep Israeli entrepreneurship thriving.

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Zohar Meron Shmueli
Eyal Ronen
Orit Karseboom
Forum Chair
Adam Amitai
Engagement & Integration Chair
Bathen Yeshua
Membership Chair
Meir Amzallag
Finance Chair
Tomer Chen
Mentorship Chair
Orin Green
Marketing director, European Region
Nir Zavaro
Forum Expert, European Region
Shmulik Aran

Chapter Stories

Europreneur Podcast Ep. 8: Zohar Shmueli on truly caring and learning through tough love

[embed][/embed] Come learn from some of the best entrepreneurs in Europe on our YOUTUBE channel EO Israel President Zohar Shmueli didn't become an entrepreneur to get rich. In fact, she says no one hoping to get rich should be in her industry as a restaurant owner. But if she's not focused on making money, how does her business thrive and grow? According to Zohar, the secret is genuine care. She's on a quest to make people happy. Zohar is President of EO Israel and co-Founder of the Shmueli culinary group in Tel Aviv, including the Claro restaurant and Ma'arava event hall. ...

To the Land of the Rising Sun: How One Intuitive Decision Changed My Life

Can you think of an intuitive decision you made that affected your life? Sometimes these small decisions can be life changing. I would like to tell you about a small, spontaneous decision I made 30 years ago that led me on the journey of my life. At the time, few in Israel knew or heard much about Japan, let alone visited the mysterious country, but that’s all changed, of course. Who doesn’t know today about sushi, the Sakura cherry blossom, martial arts, manga and anime? Everybody knows and loves them - how could they not?! Amazingly, I got to witness this evolution first hand. My story began with what they call "love at first sight." ...

From one misfit to another: The only 4 entrepreneurship lessons you need to succeed

I can’t count the number of times someone has asked me, “Where did you get the courage to start a company?” It's a question born out of respect for what I have achieved and the inquirer's desire to enjoy that kind of success as well. My answer is always the same: “It doesn't take courage to fill out a government form.” I was born in a small town in the south of Israel, without many financial opportunities. There was never enough money to spoil me with lots of toys or new bikes. On top of that, there was the education challenge. I was an average student on a good day, and didn’t fit in with the traditional schooling system. So really, when ...

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