Europreneur Ep 6 – Brian Keegan on mentorship and turning failure into an exit


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When is the best time to make your exit? What’s the number one thing buyers are looking for to convince them that your company has value to offer? And how can you manage a normal work/life balance during an exit or any other stressful time at work?

As EO Ireland Founder Brian Keegan knows, the answers to these questions depend heavily on the people around you. Entrepreneurship is full of high highs and low lows. Hard learned lessons translate into success, only for you to be challenged in entirely new ways. Mentors, friends, employees and family can all make a major difference in how you ride this roller coaster.

Join Nir Zavaro, host of the Europreneur Podcast, in an enlightening interview with fellow entrepreneur Brian Keegan, covering the ups and downs of his own career, what it took to bounce back from Chapter 11 bankruptcy, what the new generation of entrepreneurs has to offer and the impact a good mentor can have in changing lives like Brian’s.

Brian is a member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization Mentorship Committee, founding President of EO Ireland (and multiple companies of his own), and a certified Scaling Up Coach. He spends most of his professional time and energy helping entrepreneurs and their teams navigate the Start-Up, Scale-Up and Sell-Up process by referencing his own extensive experience and the Scaling Up Methodology.

Brian also leads Plan Your Exit events for EO Chapters, showing EOers how to create extraordinary exits from their business. Reach out to him at if you would like to hear him at your chapter.

The Europreneur Podcast is also available in audio on Spotify.