Europreneur Podcast EP 7 – Kishore Mordani on conducting business across cultures


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Ideally, business and geopolitics occupy different spheres of life with only the occasional bridge between the two in the form of trade regulations. Things change, however, when you move thousands of miles away to start a business in a new country, especially one like Russia.

Kishore Mordani, founder of the fashion distributor and EO GSEA chair in Russia, grew up in tropical Mumbai, India in a family of entrepreneurs. In 2002, he exchanged climates for the harsh winters of Moscow, where his ability to build relationships built on genuine interest helped him learn the language and local customs.

Join Nir Zavaro, host of the Europreneur Podcast, in a fascinating interview with Kishore Mordani covering the challenges of cross-culture entrepreneurship, confronting the realities of political uncertainty and why he is determined to continue building up the GSEA program in Russia.

Kishore Mordani is a fashion and textiles entrepreneur, and also owns a distribution business for Ayurveda based cosmetics and food supplements. A father of two, Kishore has lived in Moscow for 20 years and joined the Entrepreneurs’ Organization in 2011. He also loves yoga and meditation and became an instructor and teach the Art of Living programs, as well as the “Sudarshan Kriya.”

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